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Join The Crest Christmas Boat Parade!

Join The Crest Christmas Boat Parade!

If you remember Wildwood Crest used to offer a Christmas Boat Parade. This year the tradition is looking to make a comeback! Some of the residents of the Crest are banding together to re-create this event.

Join in for a soft reintroduction of the “Sunset Lake Christmas In July Boat Parade”

The event will take place on July 28th at dusk (8:40ish) at Sunset Lake.

If you are interested in being in the Crest Christmas Boat Parade please RSVP at or Meet on the lake with your boat decorated however way you choose. The Parade should only last about 30 minutes.

They are hoping that if this goes well they can bring it back full swing next year!

If you want to see a throwback video from the 2009 Christmas in July Parade check it out below!

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