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Lampliter Motel Land Put Up For Sale

Lampliter Motel Land Put Up For Sale

There is some interesting news coming out of Wildwood Crest today.

For the past several months the Wildwood Video Archive has been covering the sale and demolition of the Lampliter Oceanside Resort.

Lampliter Oceanside Resort was located at 419 E Atlanta Ave in Wildwood Crest and had been sold this year. The resort was a combination of two different motels, The Lampliter and the Oceanside motel.

Half of the property was demolished, the Southern portion of the motel, while the Northern section, the Oceanside motel, is currently in the process of being renovated.

The demolition caused some controversy after it was knocked down between the summer months so that it could “protect the public.”

The Wildwoods have a “sort-of rule,” that states that a motel cannot be torn down between Memorial Day and Labor Day unless the building is deemed unsafe.

So when TJD Architects cited that the building needed to replace the railings, the roof, and other things one would expect from a motel that is over 60 years old, no one expected that this would mean that it was unsafe.

What has happened today has only added a mystery to what’s going on.

There was a real-estate listing added on August 28th for 431 E Atlanta Ave. In looking that up it’s the same lot of the Lampliter Motel.

The listing goes on to say;

“The dream of owning your own beachfront property at an affordable price has now become a reality in Wildwood Crest, NJ! With this large 7, 681 square foot lot available, the options are endless with full customization possibilities or exceptionally established renderings that are approved.”

The asking price for the lot? 2,350,000.

Tune back later for more details

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