Luxury Resort Proposed Outside Avalon – Clermont Lodge

A proposal for a luxury resort with a projected cost between $65 million and $70 million has sparked debate in Dennis Township, located in Cape May County, New Jersey.

The news came via a Cape May Herald article that detailed the proposed “Clermont Lodge” project.

Luxury Resort Proposed Outside Avalon - Clermont Lodge

Luxury Resort Proposed Outside Avalon – Clermont Lodge

The resort, slated to offer amenities such as indoor swimming, a fitness center, a spa, and multiple dining options, is seen by some as a promising economic opportunity for the area.

Clermont Lodge is the brainchild of John Connors Sr., a Philadelphia developer who is the president of Brickstone.

Having lived in the area, Connors noticed a lack of places for families off the island. Connors’ treed paradise, “Clermont Lodge” would bring a Pocono’s style getaway to us here in South Jersey.

Connors’ purchased the land at 1994 US-9 and 2010 US-9 in Dennis Township, for an undisclosed amount. This land is located right at the intersection of route 9 and route 83, four miles off of Avalon.

According to the public notice first published on January 13th, The proposed site “is to be developed with a total of 120 hotel rooms consisting of a main lodge, individual bungalows, and cabins. The site will also contain a tavern, playhouse/chapel, a primary event barn, and a secondary event barn.”

The project files submitted to Dennis Township give more details showing that twenty-four cottages will be built along with 40 bungalow units which will be surrounded by hiking trails.

The tagline for the project gives a good understanding of what this project will be, “A woodland escape for the mind, body, and spirit.”

However, the proposal has met with opposition from a number of residents who worry about the strain the resort could place on local services, such as emergency services, schools, and water and sewage systems, as well as increased traffic.

The developers have promised to invest in the local infrastructure and support the community through job creation and supporting local businesses, but these assurances have failed to quell all concerns.

Some members of the community have expressed their desire to prioritize preserving the town’s natural resources and maintaining its small-town charm, instead of focusing on economic development. They are concerned that the resort will change the character of the town and lead to the loss of its natural beauty.

The developers have held several public meetings to address residents’ questions and concerns and have emphasized their commitment to working with the local community. Nevertheless, some residents remain skeptical about the impact the resort would have on the town.

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The proposed resort has become a contentious issue in Dennis, with residents holding a range of opinions on the matter. While the potential economic benefits cannot be ignored, it is important to consider the potential impact on the town’s infrastructure and natural beauty.

One thing to keep in mind is that this project has not been approved yet. There will be much discussion in the coming months.

While there is no date on when this could be completed, history would tell us that we could see its opening date in late 2025.

Is this something that you would like to see in Cape May County?