Mallin’s Candies Under New Management

home of the buy 1lb. get 1lb. free of our homemade fudge

We just learned that Mallin’s Candies (home of the buy 1lb. get 1lb. free of our homemade fudge), located at 2418 Boardwalk, North Wildwood and Wildwood Boardwalk, 3804 Boardwalk, is under new managment! 
 Here is their announcement;

“If you are on the boardwalk you may notice that Mallin’s Candies is opening once again for our 72nd season! 
We are excited to announce that this year will be opening under new management.

The new owner, Jackie Bowes Ulun, is a school teacher from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She had worked at Mallin’s Candies for the past twenty (20) years during the summer.

Mallin’s Candies will continue to use the same recipes to serve you with the delicious fudge and salt water taffy that makes us proud. Stop by and check out our new stores!”


We are excited that Mallin’s Candies is updating and opening new locations! 

Tune back in for more info! 

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