Man Jumps Out Of Helicopter In Wildwood

Man Jumps Out Of Helicopter In Wildwood

Man Jumps Out Of Helicopter In Wildwood

This is something you only hear about online and never would think to see in real life.

Pro freestyle motocross rider, Jeff Griffin, was in Wildwood this past summer to perform at the Monster Energy Freestyle MX Stunt Show at PigDog Beach Bar!

Being a extreme sport junkie he noticed that we had helicopter tours that flew over the Wildwood Beaches. This gave him a great idea.

He reached out to our friends at East Coast Helicopter Tours to see if he could pull a stunt with their help.

What he decided to do was to take the helicopter out over the ocean and jump. From the video below it looks like he was about 50 feet above the water.

What is impressive is that he did it without a life jacket.

Check out the video below!


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