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Morey’s Blue Palms To Get MASSIVE Renovations (Blueprints)

Morey’s Blue Palms To Get MASSIVE Renovations (Blueprints)

There is some exciting news coming out of the Wildwoods today!

Morey's Blue Palms To Get MASSIVE Renovations (Blueprints)

Morey’s Blue Palms To Get MASSIVE Renovations (Blueprints)

This past Monday, just like every first Monday of the month, the city of Wildwood’s Zoning and Planning board met.

One of the public notices on file showcased that there was an application with the Planning/Zoning Board of the City of Wildwood for 3601 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey.

Looking that up you can see that is the address for the Jersey Girl Restaurant.

This past summer we had noticed lots of movement taking place there. The metal decorations and sign was removed along with the patio’s overhang. After this past monday’s zoning meeting we finally found out what’s going on.

According to the notice, Morey’s is looking to “expand the existing pool deck and to connect the existing motel and restaurant structures located on the property”

The designs/photos come from Stokes Architecture & Design. They have a very strong history with the Morey’s as they helped renovate The Starlux, Sea Pointe and many things on the piers. (See the photos at the bottom)

Here are details we can see from the Blueprints.

The blueprints show many things that are taking place over three didn’t phases.

Most of the work is being done of the pool area and the lobby motel and the front of Jersey Girl. One of the plans show for a proposed 4th floor additional. The other rooms aren’t getting touched as they say “not in scope”

Phase 1 includes Jersey Girl rehab plus extended lobby.

Phase 2 includes an enhanced pool area.

Phase 3 includes a 4th floor to the Blue Palm side of the motel.

Let’s break this all down.


Phases 1

This calls for the removal of the front parking spots to make room for outdoor dining and the lobby addition. (Those spots will be moved to behind the motel)

Credit: mark havens

Credit: mark havens

The new connection to the motel will be something you might have seen before. According to the designs it looks like an old For those who remember the Satellite motel might notice that this design has the same window scheme. (the diamond windows).

This is an amazing callback to the days when Morey’s built most of the Googie Modern Motels.

In this phase Jersey Girl gets a full rehab including a new sign on the building, seating for 55 people and more.


Phase 2

The entire pool deck is getting a facelift which will extend out into the existing parking spaces (which will be located to the lot behind the motel.

This facelift will include a cabana, jacuzzi and fire pit.

The front of the motel will also get a face lift with a new drop-off area.


Phase 3

The top of the Blue Palms portion of the motel will get a 4th floor. This will bring 19 new units to the motel. The Boardwalk Bungalow portion of the motel doesn’t show any changes from our photos BUT from the master plan it shows a renaming to “Morey’s Boardwalk Bungalow.”

Take a look at the blue prints below

We will be sure to give you guys a walking tour of the building soon. Be sure to tune back later.

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