N.J. Gov. Murphy Says “Don’t Go To The Jersey Shore”

N.J. Gov. Murphy Says “Don’t Go To The Jersey Shore”


N.J. Gov. Murphy Says “Don’t Go To The Jersey Shore”


In a press briefing around 1:15 today, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, announced his plan to help fight the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In that plan Murphy echoed what the Wildwood’s Mayors, as a whole, had announced this past week and that is to stay home and to not come down the shore if it is not your home residence. (We recorded his speech about the Jersey Shore for you to watch below)

You can read the full press released from the Wildwoods Mayors by clicking the link below.

Mayors of the Wildwoods Explain Request for Non-Permanent Residents to Remain at Primary Residences

As we discussed this past week, while the Jersey Shore welcomes all, especially during the summer seasons, right now emergency facilities are in their off-season staffing. This means that if a hotbed of coronavirus were to hit the Jersey Shore, we would not have enough staff and equipment to handing the load.

I know that we normally don’t post hard news on our channel but the constant emails and messages we’ve been getting asking what’s opening because your coming down is insane. It’s over 75 a day. PLEASE stay home!

Below is Gov Murphy’s speech.