N. Wildwood To Allow Sitting On The Beach!

North Wildwood’s Mayor, Patrick Rosenello sat down with CBS Philly’s Jim Donovan this morning to talk about the beaches reopening.

As you may know, every single day there is a change in the ‘rules’ for what’s opening.

Today we finally got some clarity on the question, “can I sit on the beach.” And yes, I know this is getting confusing. Yesterday we couldn’t sit on the beach but today we can.

Below is the word for word transcript of some of his interview.

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Mayor, Patrick Rosenello;

“Everything we’re doing is under the guidance of the governor’s social distancing guidelines. So, anything you’re allowed to do, you’re only supposed to be outside doing it, outside with immediate household members.

Our boardwalk is reopening for the first time in, I guess, six or seven weeks, where you can now walk, bike, run again on the boardwalk,” he said. “There are some food service places open for takeout.”

“We never actually shut down our beaches entirely. North Wildwood and Wildwood and I think Atlantic City were the only three towns at the Jersey shore that left the beaches open throughout this.

So once again active recreation has been permitted. We are going to permit people to start sitting on the beach again starting today, although there might be a snow storm tomorrow so I’m not expecting too many people sitting on the beach.

But again, that permission is under the umbrella of your only supposed to be doing these activities with imitate family members.”

“We are counting on people to really have some social conscious in this. When you go to the grocery store right now, you’re not standing shoulder to shoulder with somebody.

So, when you’re at the beach or the boardwalk, we expect people to really just practice those social distancing skills that you developed.”

With that being said this weekend we also have the Wildwood Boardwalk opening. Click the link below to see what will be open this weekend (Mother’s Day Weekend) 

What’s Open On The Boardwalk Mother’s Day Weekend

Tune back in for more information!