New Condos Coming To Pacific Ave in Wildwood

If you have been watching our monthly Wildwoods Construction Update videos you would have noticed us talking about the Pacific Avenue Redevelopment. (see video at the bottom)

For those unaware, over the past few years, the city of Wildwood designated the entire length of the Pacific Avenue corridor as an Area in Need of Redevelopment.

Back in 2019 Clarke Caton Hintz Architects had been hired to come up with a master plan for Pacific Avenue.

Clarke Caton Hintz are highly experienced Architects who helped to bring many cities’, from From Asbury Park to New York, downtown area back to life.

After a year of meeting with businesses, reviewing city data, and open meetings they presented their findings.

These findings helped pave the way for many projects along the Pacific Avenue corridor.

Some of those projects you may have seen already such as the 38 dwellings where the old Trinity School was and the Residences on Pacific (only Fairview).

Last night was the Planning and Zoning board meeting for the city of Wildwood and a new project was green-lit.

This project will take place on the corner of Pine and Pacific Ave at the addresses of 135-137 Pine Ave and 3118 pacific ave.

This corner is home to a historic building that was built in 1897.

The Pines House

The Pines House

Known as “The Pines House.” According to Wildwood Historical Society – George F. Boyer Museum President, Taylor Henry, this was the shore house of the Van Horn family and is the oldest building on Pacific Avenue.

Mr. Van Horn was a New York contractor who invested in Wildwood’s railroads and later served as a tax collector.

The building was built in Queen Anne architecture with beautiful wood details inside and out.

Unfortunately due to neglect over the past few years, much of the inside has been rotted past the point of repair.

[Site-Note, we plan to give you a full tour of the property before its demolition]

The new application calls to subdivide the property into two 5,450 SF lots and one 9,100 SF lot.

A three-unit building with two 3-bedroom flats and a 3-bedroom townhouse is to be constructed on each of the 5,450 SF lots.

The 9,100 SF lot will be developed with two buildings, each with two 3-bedroom garden apartments and a 3-bedroom townhouse.

To help with parking two garage parking spaces are proposed for each unit.

Below are some renderings of what the building will look like. This style of building will be the first of its kind on the island. It removes all of the ugliness that we associate the word condo with.

Be sure to stay tuned as we will bring you a tour of the inside of “The Pines House” later on this month.

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