New CONE Pizza Coming To The Wildwood Boardwalk

That’s right. You read the title correctly. There is a new pizza place coming to the Wildwood boardwalk who will be doing pizza very differently….in a CONE!!

Please welcome Kono Pizza to the Wildwood Boardwalk!

Kono Pizza is located at 5318 boardwalk, which is the first store on the boardwalk next to Cresse Ave, and will be offering a unique kind of pizza which will be baked inside a breaded cone.

Before we get into detail about how they make the cone let’s talk about Kono Pizza. Kono was founded in Italy back in 2004 and made it’s way to the Carolinas. For the most part these creations are currently served in trucks. The location here in Wildwood is not only their first location in the North East but also it’s only brick and mortar location in the states.

Now on to what a pizza cone is.

The pizza cone is just what it sounds like; it’s a breaded cone stuffed with layers of cheese, meats and pretty much anything else you can put on a pizza. Every cone is made-to-order right in front of you and put into an oven.

The cone is roughly about the size of two slices of pizza and you eat it same way you would an ice cream cone.

What makes Kono pizza even more unique is the fact that they do cones for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Just like pizza you can get your bacon, egg and cheese in a cone.

Is this something you would want to try this summer?

Below is an interesting video showing what a Kono pizza is.

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