New North Wildwood Ice Cream Spot – Charlie & Munco’s

With the unofficial summer taking place a few weeks ago and the official start of summer happening this weekend,  the Wildwoods are still getting brand new places opening up.

New North Wildwood Ice Cream Spot - Charlie & Munco’s

New North Wildwood Ice Cream Spot – Charlie & Munco’s

There is a new ice cream shop coming to North Wildwood called Charlie & Munco’s.

Charlie & Munco’s will be located on the corner of 6th and New Jersey Avenue.

Their ice cream is Farm Fresh from Hopkins Farm Creamery,  located in Lewes Delaware

For the past eight months they have been working on rehabbing the entire building which used to be a boutique, and at one point was a seafood restaurant.

Those who remember, that building used to have the giant neon crab on it, and its exterior was painted yellow. (It’s now navy blue)

They plan to have a soft opening on Saturday, June 26th and we are so excited for them!

Wishing Charlie & Munco’s the best of luck!

We’re adding this new spot on the list of new restaurants and food establishments opening up down here in the Wildwoods. like to see that list please click the link below

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