NEW on the Wildwood Boardwalk – Sugar Fix

If you are on the boardwalk and are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth well we have the spot for you.

Please welcome Sugar Fix to the Wildwoods Boardwalk. Located at 2110 boardwalk (21st and the boardwalk), this place will be the go-to spot for pretty much every kind of dessert.

Hugh Ruger, his wife Allison and their three boys, came up with the idea of wanting to open a place on the boardwalk dedicated to shave ice.

(As per our knowledge, the last big ice shaving place on the Wildwood Boardwa was on Seaport Village back in the day).

Their idea started to flourish and soon they added more and more desserts.

They now offer over 50 flavored syrups, soft serve ice cream, hand scooped ice cream, strawberry shortcake, homemade cookies and brownies, and a 50+ item sundae bar. 

The key to their shaved ice being the best is that they make their own flavors on site. Less than 10% of shave ice companies in the US make their own syrup from scratch. This allows them to have one-of-a kind flavors that you can’t get anywhere else.

NEW on the Wildwood Boardwalk - Sugar Fix

NEW on the Wildwood Boardwalk – Sugar Fix

There is another thing that makes them unique, their taiyaki fish cones. (aka ice cream cones in the shape of a fish).These cones have been all the rave around the country and they will only be found in one place in the Wildwoods.

Those along with most of their products will be made right here on the boardwalk.

We wish the Ruger Family the best of luck! We can’t wait to try everything! 

They will be opening for the season this Friday, May 27th

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