New Parking Areas and Fees in North Wildwood


Many residents and visitors have noticed that the parking situation has become untenable during the summer months, especially on weekends.  Primarily in our high-density residential and commercial areas that abut the beach and boardwalk, the amount of on-street parking is simply not sufficient to handle the number of vehicles looking for parking.

Throughout past and recent development booms, our Planning Board has consistently required that every residential unit have two off-street parking spaces.  Unfortunately, it has become obvious that many of these spaces are not being used and on street parking is being used instead.  If we are going to address our severe parking issues, it is imperative that more off-street parking be utilized.

The city has also taken great strides to make paid, on street parking easy and convenient.  Every paid parking space in the city can now be paid for electronically either through our Parking App or a Parking Kiosk.  With this, the original intent of parking permits, which was a convenience factor so that people did not have to carry coins around, is no longer relevant.

For these reasons, Council has undertaken a comprehensive review of parking regulations in Chapter 418 of the City Code.  As a result of this review, the City has proceeded with several amendments to the City’s parking regulations regarding the expansion of paid parking zones and the regulations of parking permits for vehicles and low speed vehicles.

Consequently, beginning in the summer of 2022, paid parking will be expanded to the entire length of both Ocean and Surf Avenues.

Furthermore, the following changes have been made for all parking permits, which will be on sale in the Office of the City Clerk beginning on March 1, 2022:

– Weekly and Non-Transferrable Parking Permits have been discontinued.

– The price of Low Speed Vehicle Parking Permits will be $200 for Summer 2022. Prices will increase in the future as follows:

– $300 in 2023

– $400 in 2024

– The price of Transferrable Parking Permits will be $300 for Summer 2022. Rates will increase in the future as follows:

– $400 in 2023

– $500 in 2024

– Parking with a permit on the east side of John F. Kennedy Beach Drive is now permitted.

– Parking with a permit in any of the City’s parking lots is now permitted.

Additionally, an owner of a property with a driveway is now permitted to park in front of his/her own driveway, as can anyone else with the owner’s permission.

Mayor and Council wish to thank all residents, property owners, and visitors for their understanding in making these difficult decisions.

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