NEW Proposed Multi-Use Beach Path!

We have some awesome news heading your way! the city of Wildwood Crest has put together a proposal for a multi-use beach path.

The path will be right on the beach and will start a Heather Road and go all the way through town to Jefferson Ave. The path will have six (6) entrances at Heather Road, Atlantic Ave, Rambler Road, Toledo Ave, Pittsburgh Ave and Jefferson Ave.

What makes this plan extra amazing is that it will double as a handicap access to the beach.

As you know right now is a bike bath in North Wildwood on the beach and in the morning it is the perfect way to watch the sunrise. Now with this proposed beach bike path you can also get a beautiful view of the sunrise!

We are also told that the City of Wildwood will be contacting to the path creating an island-wide path from North Wildwood to Diamond beach.

At the bottom of the page you will see a photo of the proposed plans

NEW Proposed Multi-Use Beach Path!

NEW Proposed Multi-Use Beach Path!

Let us know what you think about this new proposed bike path below.

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