NEW – Seagull’s Grab & Go

You know that Spring is around the corner when new events and food establishments start popping up all over the island.

There is a new food truck to check out this summer. Please welcome Seagull’s Grab & Go to the Wildwoods.

NEW - Seagull’s Grab & Go

NEW – Seagull’s Grab & Go

Located at 626 W 26th street, this food truck is part of a new trend that has been growing at the Jersey Shore.

A food truck is a mobile restaurant that serves food and beverages from a vehicle that is typically outfitted with cooking equipment, refrigeration, and other necessary kitchen supplies.

These trucks can be found parked at various locations, such as street corners, parking lots, and events, and offer a wide range of cuisines and menu options.

Food trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience, affordability, and unique dining experience they provide.

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They often specialize in specific types of cuisine, such as tacos, burgers, or ice cream, and offer a way for chefs and entrepreneurs to bring their culinary creations to the masses without the high overhead costs of opening a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.

North Wildwood offers a few times a year, Anglesea Night Market, which features many food trucks.

Morey’s Piers is also including some food trucks in their new re-theme of adventure pier.

Heading up the opening of Seagull’s are Paige and Shawn.

They will be serving coffee and breakfast sandwiches. (no times listed as yet)

While there isn’t much information out there just yet, we know that their grand opening will take place on Saturday, May 27th aka, Memorial Day Weekend.

We wish Paige and Shawn the best of luck and look forward to their grand opening

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