NEW Under The Boardwalk Walkway

NEW Under The Boardwalk Walkway

NEW Under The Boardwalk Walkway

The off-season is the best time to innovate down here in Wildwood.

While construction is finishing up on Wildwood Crest’s Rambler Road, [Click Here To Read That Article] there is another project just about done in North Wildwood.

On North Wildwood’s 25th street, and under the boardwalk, the city of North Wildwood decided to add a much needed beach access ramp/walkway on to the beach.

For those looking to use it you can walk left of the bathroom and follow the path. The ramp / walkway connects the beach bike path with 25th street is an S formation.

We went ahead and filmed a quick little video to show you the ramp / walkway. Let us know in the comment section that you think about it.

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