NEW Wildwood Sign – Tour Video

NEW Wildwood Sign - Tour Video

NEW Wildwood Sign – Tour Video

There is some exciting news coming out of the Wildwoods today! The Rio Grande Gateway Project is nearing it’s completion and currently the crew are putting the finishing touches on everything.

For those who have no idea what I am referring to, check out the article below.

Two Way Traffic Opens On Rio Grande

This week we have seen many things happening on this street such as; a new LCD screen being installed, traffic lights being lit at Park Blvd and Rio Grande and brickwork around the pump hill.

On May 26th, roughly around 3pm, a trailer pulled into the Wildwoods with our new welcome sign. By 5pm it was up for everyone to see!

We were so excited about it that around 6pm we stopped by to film a tour of the new sign.

At this point it is not 100% completed. The crews need to add the yellow “V” that goes behind it and do the wiring for the lights. If all goes to plan it will be lit by Friday said one of the construction members.

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