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NJ Coast Guard Rescues Fishing Crew

NJ Coast Guard Rescues Fishing Crew

Yesterday, December 8th, the Cape May New Jersey Coast Guard was called into action after the fishing vessel, Ocean Pearl, activated Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons. 

The 75-foot long Ocean Pearl was roughly sixteen miles off the coast when one of the fisherman noticed smoke coming from under deck. An electrical fire ignited one of the rooms and it spread fast through-out the boat. 

At 10:30 a.m. they put on their survival suits and abandoned the ship. With the temperatures in the 40s they held tight in life rafts. Once in the raft they used their Emergency Radio to call the Cape May Coast Guard. 

Two 45-foot Coast Guard boats and the 87-foot Cutter Crocodile made their way out to the crew of the Ocean Pearl. 

Thanks to the hard work of our Coast Guard all the men were saved. 

Thank you Cape May Coast Guard for all you do!!

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