NJ Mini-Golf and Boardwalk Games Can Reopen

NJ Mini-Golf and Boardwalk Games Can Reopen

NJ Mini-Golf and Boardwalk Games Can Reopen

With the main headline in yesterday’s press conference from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy being that the stay-at-home order was lifted some other news was hidden.

If you want to read the article on the New Jersey stay-at-home order being lifted, click the link below.

New Jersey Lifts Stay-At-Home Order

As part of his new Order (153) that he signed into law yesterday, he included a part about boardwalk games and amusement parks. It goes on to say;

“Amusement parks and arcades that are recreational businesses or located at pool facilities shall remain closed pursuant to Executive Order No. 107 (2020), even if they are outdoors. Nothing in this Order prevents a business from operating an amusement game outdoors, such as a game on a boardwalk, so long as the game does not take place in an amusement park and an employee is present and adheres to all of the requirements in paragraph 1 of this Order, including sanitizing all equipment before and after each use.”

This means that outdoor boardwalk games can open BUT arcades and amusement piers are still closed.

The order also announces that recreational and entertainment businesses can open. Down here that refers to mini-golf courses. The order states;

“Any recreational and entertainment businesses that were already permitted to reopen their outdoor spaces to the public, including outdoor archery ranges, batting cages, golf courses, golf driving ranges, shooting ranges, tennis clubs, and chartered vessels, may continue to keep their outdoor spaces open to the public, provided that they comply with all applicable terms of this Order.”

As of today we know that the Starlux’s mini golf is open and Jurassic Golf will be opening soon.

While we wish that the rides would have been given the green light to open, we are glad that games and mini golf are opening!

Tune back later for more details

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