North Wildwood Beach Replenishment to Begin Soon 2021

It’s 2021 and let’s talk about something that seems to be almost be an annual thing around this time of year, the upcoming beach replenishment coming to North Wildwood.

North Wildwood Beach Replenishment to Begin Soon 2021

North Wildwood Beach Replenishment to Begin Soon 2021

For those who don’t know, we have been having horrible troubles down here with the ever growing of storms hitting our coastline. With last year being one of the most overly active hurricane season our beaches were hit with outstanding erosion.

The US Army Corps of engineers put it simple in their 2014 Integrated Environmental Assessment.

“The Wildwoods have two distinct problems; erosion at the northern portion of the island and the accretion of sand at the southern portion of the island. The northern portion of the island has experienced erosion over the past 10 years that has exposed property to storm damage. The southern portion of the project area is accreting sand rapidly. This accretion is clogging municipal outfalls that drain storm water from the interior portions of the island to the sea.”

This is why yearly it has became an occurrence for our island to need some kind of beach replenishment. We have covered many of them for the past few years. You can check out some of them by click the links below.

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Now it’s on to North Wildwood’s 2021 Beach replenishment.

According to North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello and our friend PJ Hondros who runs the North Wildwood Coastal Processes Facebook Group, 300,000 cubic yards of sand will be excavated from Wildwood, and stockpiled in North Wildwood, where it will later be spread out in the Spring.

The project will be just like last years where they load trucks of sand and move it down the beach. Look to the bottom of the page of a video showing how they saved the beaches last year.

The cost of the project is approximately $3,000,000. While you might be saying wow that is so much money, you have to understand what would happen if the city didn’t take these actions.

This past fall we saw a effects of hurricanes hit our beach that sent the waterline all the way to the back beach bulkhead.

This bulkhead was just completed in June and without it the first houses on JFK would have received anywhere from 10-100 Million dollars in damage. 

Stay tuned to our channel as we will be filming and reporting on everything going on!