North Wildwood Bulkhead Construction Update!

I have been getting tons of questions about the NEW bulkhead being build in North Wildwood so today I am going to give you an update.

For those who don’t know, North Wildwood is nearing completion of a new bulkhead that would reach from 3rd to 11th st. This project started a few months and as of this week, some would say it’s 95% completed.

The goal of the new bulkhead is to give the residents an extra blanket of protection if the erosion were to eat up the sand dunes. This new system would have the ocean stop at the bulkhead instead of coming on to the city streets.

If you want watch our last update to compare click the link below

North Wildwood Bulkhead Construction Update

The biggest question I had gotten is how will people be able to get over the new bulkhead. The bulkhead is a continuous wall of metal.  We will answer that and even show you the new ramps being built to get you over it.

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