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North Wildwood Injured Seal Rescued

North Wildwood Injured Seal Rescued! 

Such a big shout-out to the North Wildwood Beach Patrol and North Wildwood Rec after they were able to help a local seal. 

Early this morning a seal made its way on to the North Wildwood beach at 3rd and JFK. The North Wildwood rec center posted a video of the seal online not knowing that the seal was injured. It was until after the seal turned over that they came to realize that it was injured. 

As reported on their Facebook Page; “As it turned out, the little seal that we thought was resting was actually injured. When he finally rolled over his injuries were visible. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center was notified and arrived a short while ago and took him to their center for some TLC! Hopefully he will be on the mend soon and back where he belongs!”

A big thank you to the North Wildwood Rec and BP!!