North Wildwood Motel Sold for 6.2 Million

Summer may be in full swing in the Wildwoods but businesses are still making some big power moves.

North Wildwood Motel Sold for 6.2 Million

North Wildwood Motel Sold for 6.2 Million

In the Public Property Transfers in New Jersey, a familiar address popped up as sold here in North Wildwood.

According to the public records 510 E 13th street in North Wildwood, which was owned by North Point Developers LLC sold to Dartmouth Group 2 LLC for $6,200,000.

A quick little Google maps search indicates that this is the address for The American Inn Motel that stretches from 13th street to 14th street.

There is good news though, this motel will not be going condo. This was confirmed via a call to their front desk earlier today.

The American Inn Motel is one of the few motels in North Wildwood that can bring you breath-taking sunrise views.

We wish the owners the best of luck.

Do stay tuned because it is rumored that a few motels in Wildwood Crest will be converting into condos.

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