North Wildwood Motel Sold for $3 Million

The off-season is in full swing! This is the time of year where a ton of the behind-the-scenes things take place.

So far we have told you about the many new restaurants, bars, and more that are coming down here.

While viewing the public transfer sheets we were able to see that 2200 Atlantic Ave & 224 E. 22nd Ave had sold for Three Million Dollars ($3 million). This is normally an indication that a motel had sold.

After looking up the address we found that this was the address to the Carideon Motel. The Carideon Motel was built around the late 1960s and features 42+ rooms and one of the largest heated swimming motel pools in North Wildwood.

Before anyone starts screaming condo, a sale of a motel doesn’t always mean that it’s going condo or Condotel. Condotel is a motel that goes condo (get it?)

When you visit their website they do not have their 2022 rates up as of yet. Since they are a May to September business this is as expected.

Since the sale just took place within the last two weeks there isn’t anything on file in the planning and zoning office. We will be sure to keep on top of this one in our future videos.

This is the third motel sold so far this season. The Oceanview Motel, Lu Fran Motel, and Regal Plaza Beach Resort all sold these past few weeks. There are talks of a fourth one being sold, the Cape Cod. That rumor says that it will become condos. 

There are also rumors that a well-known chain will be moving on to Rio Grande Avenue here in Wildwood. (Near where the new Sinclair Gas is going) 

Tune back later for more details.

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