North Wildwood Summer Resident Guns For NFL Career

Just like many of us summer folk, Mike McGlinchey made North Wildwood his home during the off months of school for summer vacation. For years McGlinchey played in the summer basketball leagues in North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. Many of us remember McGlinchey as he was always so tall it was hard to miss. Personally, me being 5’3, I remember how tall Mike was as he towered over me to shoot a basket. At the same time everyone towers over me at my height. 

McGlinchey, who lives full time in PA, is a Notre Dame graduate and played three years as an offensive linemen on their football team. Now that he is out of college it is time for him to move forward to the big leagues and the big leagues have noticed him.

Currently McGlinchey is boosted to be a first round pick at the 2018 NFL Draft. The 2018 NFL Draft will be the 83rd annual meeting of National Football League franchises. The draft will be held from April 26–28.

We hope that McGlinchey will be picked up quickly, with the added hope that he will be a Philadelphia Eagle! 

Here’s a clip of McGlinchey’s Press Conference From October 26th 2016

Good Luck Mike!!!

Photo via WatchND

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