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Official Seaport Pier Info Posted

Official Seaport Pier Info Posted

John Little Jr., posted on Facebook today an update for those wanting to know more about Seaport Pier. In his post he states:

“I’m excited to announce that my family and I along with with Gavin Wolfe (Three Monkeys) will be part of the Seaport Pier at 22nd and Boardwalk in North Wildwood !! We will be opening May of 2018!”

His post goes into detail saying that there will be restaurant with 4 different menus from Green Eggs, Currently Green Eggs is at Keenan’s in North Wildwood but will be permanently at Seaport Pier.

In explaining the rest of the pier Little says,

“There is table seating inside and outside for around 350 people ! There is also a take out coffee shop ! There are 3 bars at Seaport Pier . One inside the restaurant with 100 bar stools and one outside just steps from the beach on the pier!There is also a private swim club with a swim up pool bar ! There will be seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily options for the Swim club. Seaport Pier will also be concert venue more on that later next month!!”

If you want to check out our latest drone update of the pier CLICK HERE

Tune back in for more info down the Road


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