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Opening Dates For The Wildwood Boardwalk’s Restaurants

Opening Dates For The Wildwood Boardwalk’s Restaurants

This past week we saw some restrictions loosened up here in the Wildwoods. These new rules allow essential businesses on the Wildwood Boardwalk to open. Essential businesses include restaurants.

If you want to read the lasted rules click the link below.

Wildwood Boardwalk Businesses To Open And Have Pickups Only!

Under these new rules you can ONLY enter the boardwalk at the ramp closest to the restaurant where you are picking up your food. For example. If you are picking up food at Sam’s Pizza, you can only enter on the 26th street ramp or the juniper Ave ramp.

Social distancing rules still apply and you MUST wear a mask when going to essential businesses.

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As of right now there are only a handful of places that have announced an opening date. Below is what we know of so far.


  • Steak Em-Up – May 22nd
  • Sam’s Pizza – Open Daily
  • The Hot Spot – Open On Weekends
  • Snow White – Open On Weekends
  • Sorrento II – Open On Weekends
  • Three Brother’s – Open On Weekends
  • Douglass Candies – Free local delivery or curb side pick up
  • Mack’s Pizza – Open On Weekends (Both Locations) 
  • Kohrs Bros – Open On Weekends
  • Auntie Anne’s Open On Weekends (Both Locations)
  • La Cava – Open On Weekends


If you want to see the list of postponed or cancelled events click the link below.

Wildwood Event Cancellations and Reschedules

Tune back later for more updates.

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