Pilgrims Pride Motel Owners Say Goodbye

Pilgrims Pride Motel Owners Say Goodbye

Credit: Pilgrims Pride Motel 

Covid-19 has been very hard on some businesses here in the Wildwoods. Some restaurants are unable to offer outdoor dining and some motels were unable to open on time due to the covid restrictions.

One such motel that had a hard go during this pandemic was the Pilgrims Pride Motel located at Hildreth Ave and New Jersey Ave.

The family who ran the motel, owned it for the last two decades but hit hard times last November when the owner passed away leaving the rest of the family to run the business.

They had placed the motel up for sale and got an offer but due to Covid-19 the sale was cancelled.

The family looked for options to open but due to them already planning to sell the place they didn’t have credit card machines to open. They pushed for a mid-June opening but on June 12th they had announced on Facebook that would not be able to operate for the 2020 summer.

In an updated post on Facebook they announce that the motel was sold.

[Editor Note: I want to post their full Facebook post below because I feel like we can all relate to this. We all come down to the Wildwoods and make beautiful memories and the same motels.]

Their post goes on to say;

“Tonight we said goodbye to the motel. I thought I’d be alright since this has been going on so long but I was wrong. It’s hard to leave someplace that gave us such great n some crazy memories. It’s the last place my Mom, Dad, Joey n Mom Mom Jane were all together. They are all missed n they have all left a lot of memories in that building. I also know that many families have great memories of their vacations there. Kids learned to swim in that pool. Kids that came w their parents now come there as adults. There’s a lot of history there. I hope that the new owner continues on w those memories. Thank you all for the years you came there and for the friendships that were made.”

We wish the old owners a happy retirement and wish the new owners the best of luck!

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