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Piro’s Restaurant Could Be Demolished

Piro’s Restaurant Could Be Demolished

Piro’s Restaurant Could Be Demolished

Piro’s Restaurant Could Be Demolished

It’s always a sad thing when we lose another restaurant in the Wildwoods. A few weeks ago the old Marie Nicole’s building was demolished for condos and sadly today we learned that another restaurant could meet the same fate.

Residents who lives near Piro’s Village Restaurant, located at 19th and New York Ave in North Wildwood, received a zoning letter in regards to a proposed project at Piro’s address.

The letter went on to say:

“Please Take Notice that the undersigned, Michael Mitchell (the applicant) with the consent of Pasquale Piro, has made an application to the city of North Wildwood Planning/Zoning Board for a property commonly known as 1901 New York Ave..and more specifically designated as Lots 3 & 4….to consolidate the existing lots, subdivide the existing 13,000 square foot property into one 40’x100’ lot and two 50’x90’ lots, devilish the existing commercial structure and construct one single family detached dwelling on the 40’x100’ and two single family semidetached side-by-side duplex dwelling on each 50’x90’ lot.”

So what does this mean? The application states that in-order to build three houses on the property the restaurant will have to be demolished. If approved this would be a loss to the island as it was first opened in 1955.

The zoning/planning board meeting took place on December 9th. We reached out to the city for any details on the application. The board will not meet again until the New Year.

Tune back later for more details.

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