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Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

It’s not every day that a building gets partially taken down and rebuilt a few towns over, but that’s what makes preservation so cool.

Back in 2021, the Pizza Slice House, located at 207 W Bennett Ave in Wildwood, was sold for $175,000.

This lot consisted of two one-bedroom apartments in the back and a historic A-frame building nick-named the Pizza Slice House.

Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

It was given this nickname since it is in the shape of a triangle and is red like a slice of pizza.

First built in the early 1960s, this building was purchased as a Sears, Roebuck kit.

“Back in the olden days,” you could purchase anything from a Sears catalog from furniture, sheds, and yes, even houses.

Once a check was mailed in, a truck would stop by with all the pieces needed for you to build your own building.

This included everything from the wood, nails, paint, and even lighting fixtures.

In this particular building, there was no kitchen or bathroom inside. It was more like a shed than a living space.

The original owner had only used it for the clubs he was involved with.

According to the Wildwood Historical Society, this building was originally built in this exact spot in 1961.

Fast-forward 70 years later and the new owners of the property wanted to build two new homes in its location.

Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

After word had gotten out that the building would be demolished, Preserving the Wildwoods: A Community Alliance, stepped in to find a way to get this building saved.

Only given two weeks by the owner, they were able to start a GoFundMe and a Facebook page to help find a new permanent home for the A-frame.

After receiving many responses they were able to secure a new owner in Edward Bixby.

Living in Upper Township, Bixby has been working on historical homes for over 3 decades. After a friend asked for help in saving it, Bixby came up with a game plan to get it off the land before the two weeks were up.

Since it needed to be moved quickly Bixby decided to hold it up on his horse farm in Woodbine.

Though he may have been getting the house for free, he was still on the hook for the fee to move the building.

SJ Hauck Construction, who has helped to save houses such as the Avalon House, stepped up and even offered Bixby a discounted move.

Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

Pizza Slice House Is At Its New Home

Once contracted, SJ Hauck got to work on removing steps, securing the inside, and prepping for a partial demolition.

Due to the height of the building, a few feet of the top of the building had to be cut off. Crews carefully cut the top off and lowered it onto a flatbed. A crane was then able to move the base onto another flatbed before both pieces left the island.

Since that June day, many folks have been wondering what ever happened to the house.

According to photos by SJ Hauck Construction, the Pizza Slice House has gotten a bit taller.

Photos show that crews built some pilings under the house raising it by an estimated ten feet.

While there is no indication of what will become of the building, one would assume that they are building a new ground floor and will connect the three floors together.

Great job to Bixby, SJ Hauck, and the Preserving the Wildwoods for keeping his historic building still standing.

Another construction project that just finished is the new Sinclair Gas Station. After two years they opened their doors on Wednesday, December 14th.

For more information about that project click the link below.

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