Prehistoric Fish Found On Jersey Beach

How strange is this! Could you imagine running down the beach and stumbling across this strange fish on the beach? That’s what happened to Stephanie Hall as she was running at Island Beach State Park located near Seaside Park.

Prehistoric Fish Found On Jersey Beach

Prehistoric Fish Found On Jersey Beach

The fish, pictured above, is of a prehistoric specie known as the Atlantic sturgeon. It is said they are 200 million years old! To put that in perspective, the Horseshoe crab is 450 million years old. So compared to the Horseshoe crab the  Atlantic sturgeon is a spring chicken!

The Atlantic sturgeon can reach 60 years of age with a length of 15 feet and a weight of over 800 pounds.

They used to be in great abundance when the first European settlers came to North America but have since declined due to overfishing and water pollution.

So what do you think of the Atlantic sturgeon? What would you do it you saw one of these on the beaches?

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