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Proposed Rezoning of Wildwood Crest Commercial Buildings for Residential Use

Proposed Rezoning of Wildwood Crest Commercial Buildings for Residential Use

The off-season in the Wildwoods is in full swing, ushering in a flurry of construction projects currently underway.

Among these endeavors, alongside major undertakings like the Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction Project (phases 3, 4, 5) and the Madison Resorts development, smaller but equally significant projects are beginning to take shape.

Proposed Rezoning of Wildwood Crest Commercial Buildings for Residential Use

Proposed Rezoning of Wildwood Crest Commercial Buildings for Residential Use

The Wildwood Video Archive recently took a tour of some of the ongoing projects on the island and has compiled an informative video update.

For the latest information on construction developments in the Wildwoods, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this article and watch the latest Wildwoods Construction Update Video.

However, what has caught the attention of many locals is the proposed rezoning of certain commercial properties for residential use.

According to public notices, there are currently two new projects seeking to change their zoning designations in order to transform existing commercial lots into residential ones.

The first rezoning and site plan application involves the demolition of the existing commercial property located at 9850 Pacific Avenue. In its place, two duplexes are planned to be constructed on the same lot.

The business previously occupying this location was Diamond Beach Dental, but according to Google, it has been permanently closed. Interestingly, the property is currently listed as pending sale with an asking price of $1,195,000, as reported by MLS.

Moving just a block away to 10000 Pacific Avenue, the next property on the rezoning agenda is presently the site of South Station Market. The application outlines the conversion of lots 1-5 and 30 into two duplexes and two single-family dwellings.

Notably, there is no record of a recent property sale, as the land has been under the ownership of Grand Spirit, LLC, since 2011. They are the ones spearheading this rezoning application.

It is essential to note that an application made to a planning board does not necessarily indicate that a business has closed its doors. In some cases, businesses submit such applications well in advance of any concrete changes to their operations.

The Wildwood Video Archive reached out to South Station Market for comment on this matter but, as of the time of publication, has not received a response.

Both of these rezoning applications are scheduled to be presented at the Lower Township Zoning Meeting on November 2nd at 6:00 PM.

It’s important to be aware that even though these locations appear to be in Wildwood Crest and have Wildwood addresses, they fall under the jurisdiction of Lower Township.

For those interested in attending the meeting and sharing their opinions regarding the proposed rezoning applications, the venue is located at 2600 Bayshore Road, Villas, New Jersey 08251. Your input can play a crucial role in shaping the future development of these properties in the Wildwoods.

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