Remembering MoreysFEARS

Remembering MoreysFEARS

Remembering MoreysFEARS

It’s that spooky time of year that we like to step back in time to remember one of those short lived events that took place at Morey’s Piers… MoreysFEARS

For those who have no idea what I am refer to, let me explain.

MoreysFEARS took place on Morey’s Mariners Landing (Pier now). Moreys turned the entire pier into a haunted destination. With select ride open, Moreys took scary to a new level by adding in multiple walk through mazes such as “CarnEvil (located on the right side of the pier and themed to clowns)” and “Cornstalker (a corn maze at the end of the pier.”

This event costed $25 and was a gated events. For this Morey’s took theming into the max. Not only did they change their sign facade but they also spun the Merry-Go-Round backyards with spooky music and fog machines.

This event only lasted two years. Sadly every year they put it together it rained. Out of the 6 weekends it rained for 3 of them causing it to be hard to make a profit.

While it might be hard to explain how this event was It is easy to share with you a few videos of the event. Check the out below!

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