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Restaurants WILL NOT Be Opening For Indoor Dining This Thursday

Restaurants WILL NOT Be Opening For Indoor Dining This Thursday

We have been getting many questions about what was announced today and so I wanted to take a minute to explain what it all means.

During a press conference today, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that the planned reopening of indoor dining at 25%, meant for a start date of Thursday, has been postponed.

In his words; “We had planned to loosen recitations this week. However, after Covid-19 spikes in other states driven by, in part, the return of indoor dining, we have decided to postpone indoor dining indefinitely.”

So what does that mean for down here? Most places are open for the summer season either with take out or with outdoor dining.

While there is no master list of what’s open and closed, for the most part most are open to some extent. This is critical for you to support our businesses down here as outdoor dining would only make up a fraction of how may tables they would be able to serve on a normal night.

If your no sure if your favorite spot is open, give them a call!

If you want to see what outdoor dining looks like take a look at these videos below. There are still so many great options on the island!

There is no date on when indoor dining can resume so be sure to check out later.

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