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Ride the Tram Car For 10 Cents

Ride the Tram Car For 10 Cents To Celebrate 70 years!!!!

That’s right! You heard me! To celebrate the 70the summer of operation here in the Wildwoods, the world famous tram car will only cost you 10 Cents on Monday!

As you know, the Wildwood Tramcar made it’s debut at the 1939 New York’s World Fair for the Greyhound Bus Company.

You can see what the tramcars looked like during the fair in the video below!

After the fair the tramcars were purchased by S.B. Ramagosa who brought five of the original tramcars down to Wildwood!

70 summers later and the tramcar is still the best ride on the boardwalk. It offers more then just transportation but rather a ride through the World’s Greatest Boardwalk!

How well do you know the tram car? Take the Tram Car Quiz!

The Wildwood Tram Car Quiz


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