Rio Grande Movie Theater Could Open Early Next Year

For several months people have been asking us when will the new Rio Grande movie theater open. Today we finally get an update.

Rio Grande Movie Theater Could Open Early Next Year

Rio Grande Movie Theater Could Open Early Next Year

The Rio Grande movie theater is only part of a massive project being undertaken by the owners of the Harbor Square Theatre in Stone Harbor. They wanted to do more than just a movie theater but rather a one-stop place for entertainment and dining for the whole family.

Located at the old Frank Theaters Rio Stadium 12 complex, Cape Square Entertainment Center is to include a bowling alley, virtual golf, new theaters including IMAX, a restaurant, and a lounge.

It was originally introduced back in late 2020 Cape Square announced they had purchased the property and gave us mockups of their designs.

It was their goal to have the property open by December 2021 but things weren’t going as smoothly.

We would visit the site three times over this time frame showcasing some of their progress. While they were able to get moving on the exterior of the building, the interior phase was put in a holding position.

The Cape May Herald uploaded an article giving us the main hold-up, supply chain issues, and inflation.

It’s no secret that the pandemic and its aftermath have caused major issues with the United States economy.

This same issue caused the Wildwood Boardwalk reconstruction project to be delayed and its wood replaced from the original order. Other projects on the island had been delayed due to the price of the supplies.

The current timeframe of completion of the Cape Square Entertainment Center is now set for early next year. At that time only a percentage of the property will be open but for many of us, that is just enough.

The owners hope to have confirmed dates by mid-December.

Check out our November 2021 tour of the construction site below.