Runaway Tram Opening Day Recap

Runaway Tram Opening Day Recap

Runaway Tram Opening Day Recap

Can you believe it… The NEW Morey’s Piers coaster, the Runaway Tram, is finally OPEN!!!!

We are beyond excited for it to be here! It feels like we have been waiting for this day forever!

Due to it being an unannounced opening there wasn’t a way to plan for this but we were still able to bring you all some amazing video of the ride during the day and at night. We will add them at the bottom of this article.

Now that it’s open lets go through all the questions you all asked.

  • 1. How many tickets?
    • It’s 7 tickets per rider
  • 2. That is the height requirement for the Runaway Tram?
    • Minimum height of 48″ to ride alone
    • 40-48” with a supervising companion
    • Guests under 40” tall are not permitted to ride. 
  • 3. How fast does the ride go?
    • 28 Miles Per Hour
  • 4. How many times around does the Runaway Tram go?
    • You get two rides around the track
  • 5. How long is the ride?
    • Roughly 39 seconds for one run (a minute and 18 for 2 runs)
  • 6. Is it handicapped accessible?
    • Yes it is!
    • A lift is located at the ride’s exit.
    • Instructions on operation are posted on the lift door. 

Now that we answered your questions time for the videos!  We have two for you. One during the day and one at night!

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