Sam’s Pizza 2022 Opening Day Announced + Giveaway Details

Happy New Year everyone!! There are so many amazing things to look forward to this year.

One thing that we can really get excited about is boardwalk pizza! Why may you ask?

Sam’s Pizza Palace, located at 26th and the Wildwood Boardwalk, just announced its 2022 opening date!

Opening day for Sam’s Pizza isn’t just a pizza place opening for the year. It marks that summer will be coming soon! 

Sam’s Pizza will be opening for 2022 on February 18th for their 66th season!!

Currently, they are running a giveaway on their Instagram page.

Here are the rules

They will be randomly selecting SIX winners on January 10th at 9 pm EST. Each winner will be awarded ONE gift certificate. Each gift certificate is valid for ONE plain Sam’s Pizza pie.

The winners will be announced on their Instagram stories and in the comments section under their contest post.

All you need to do is follow them on Instagram and like their photo!

Good luck to Sam’s Pizza on their 66th summer season!

Tune back in for more details.

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