Seagull Hits Girl In SpringShot – Wildwood

If you’re having a rough week so far I hope this video makes you smile from ear to ear.

You know down here in the Wildwoods we are always dealing with those pesky seagulls. 

They are always on the search to steal our french fries and are hotdogs.   Just recently a seagull fell victim to the Springshot ride on Morey’s Adventure Pier.

For those who are unfamiliar with the ride, it is when two people are strapped into a ball and shot up into the air. The ride launched you to speeds over 75 MPH

Two weeks ago two girls loaded up into the Springshot when was repelled up into the sky as usual.

After a few seconds into their flight a seagull,  which way is flying the ride,  got snagged on one of the riders.

The seagull landed on one of the girl’s head which prompted her to rip the seagull from her and threw him back into the air.

Luckily no one was injured.

The whole thing was catch on camera. (See below)

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