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Seagull Steals Man’s Wallet

Seagull Steals Man’s Wallet

Seagull Steals Man’s Wallet

This is the kind of story you cant make up.

We all know how seagulls can take your food while your not looking but what if a seagull went through your bag and took your wallet. This is what actually what happened to a Massachusetts man.

In Gloucester, Massachusetts, Matthew Weiner and his wife were enjoying the sunset at the end of a beautiful summers day. While sitting in his beach chair he turned around to grab something from his bag and saw a seagull digging around in it. As he shooed the bird away he noticed that the seagull had his wallet in his mouth. Frozen in disbelief he saw the bird take off with the wallet in mouth.

Matt and his wife followed the bird until they couldn’t see it anymore and started searching the area for the wallet. Due to it being sunset it was starting to get dark on the beach so they called off their search.

Learn a lesson from Matt and make sure you keep your bags zipped closed or a seagull might think it’s food and steal it from you!

Hope this story gave you a smile!

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