There are so many different kinds of smells in Wildwood but each of us have that one smell that if smelled anywhere else transports you right back to a memory of Wildwood. Today we are going to do a little experiment and see how many people share that special Wildwood smell with you.

Before we get to the poll I wanted to share with you my special Wildwood smell. I could of course pick many smells based off the many years I worked and lived in Wildwood but my memory steams all the way back to the first time I was taken to Wildwood.

It was 1994 and I was just a wee-little boy. From the second we left the exit 6 ramp my father and mother would roll down the windows and allow the fresh bay air come rushing into the car. The salt air hitting my face and the smell of the marsh left a huge impression on me. Every time I drive that spot I roll down the windows. Anytime I smell that salt air in California, South Carolina or Long Island, it transports me back to that wee-little boy. 

So now it’s your turn! We want to know what your Wildwood smell is. Below is a generic poll of smells. If your smell if there click it, if not then write it in.

We will share everyone’s results on Thursday!