Coming to The Wildwoods is the Sports Card, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Show. This event is a perfect for collectors of all kinds and is for people of all of ages.. Over 125 tables of the hottest collectibles on the planet will be here!!

the Sports Card, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Show hours are from three (3)pm to nine (9)pm on Friday, August 28; ten (10)am to nine (9)pm on Saturday, August 29; and ten (10)am to five (5)pm on Sunday, August 30. One of the best things about this event is that it is FREE admission. That’s right. I will say it again. Admission is FREE

Many special guests will be attending such as: Denny McLain (Friday – Sunday), SEAN LANDETA (Sat 11am – 1pm), Gerry Cooney, (Sat 11am – 1pm), and  Ray Mercer, (Friday – Sunday).

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This event is presented by RK Sports Promotions.  The tables will include collectables such as;  old and new sports cards; toys; comic books; Starting Line-ups; McFarlane figures; NASCAR memorabilia; non-sports cards, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic; Beanie Babies; videos; unopened wax boxes; supplies; autographed memorabilia; sets; posters; coins; t-shirts; Legos; trains; dolls and much more.

The expo will feature autograph guests including 6-time All-Pro, 2-time NFL Super Bowl Champion Sean Landeta, former Baseball Superstar Denny McLain, and Boxing Superstars Gerry Cooney and Ray Mercer.


Here is a video of the Sports Card, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Show, here in the Wildwood from 2013.


This event will be bigger then what is in the video above. This is booked as one of the largest Sports Card, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Show’s in South Jersey. It’s a “Can’t miss event” Plus it is free.

For additional information about the event, call 732-422-9365 or visit

The Wildwood Convention Center is located at, 4501 Boardwalk,  Wildwood , NJ 08260.

Enjoy the Sports Card, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Show and see you there!