Stardust Nightclub SOLD

Today the official word came that the Stardust Nightclub, located at 248 E Schellenger Ave in Wildwood has sold. According to the property transfers report for Cape May County, the building and the parking lot next to it sold for $400,000 to a company called “Wall Street Holdings 1 Inc.”

This wasn’t a shock to us as we have been reporting for the past few months that there were speculation that a new hotel would be built on that property and the just recently sold Colleen’s by the Sea/ old Neil’s Steak House.

We took a tour of the abandoned Colleen’s by the Sea / Old Neil’s Steak House. If you want to see the tour click the link below.

Exploring The Abandoned Neils Restaurant

What we found interesting about the sale is the name of the company “Wall Street Holdings 1 Inc.” As mentioned in many other articles we know that the hotel brand “Choice Hotels” had been buying up a bit of land around the Wildwoods to bring some of their hotel/motels to the area. We know that this area will be come a Choice Hotel sometime in the future but we are not quite sure why they chose that name.

We hope to bring you a video of inside the Stardust Nightclub before it is knocked down. We do have some time as construction on the new hotel won’t start until the end of 2019.  [Note: We have a drone video on the bottom of the article]

To celebrate the history of the Stardust we put together some T-shirts. CLICK HERE

I do have to say that we are a bit sad of the knocking down of the Stardust Nightclub but want to thank the Merlino family for donating the Stardust neon sign to the Wildwood history museum. It made it’s way there a few weeks ago.

We made a quick drone video of the building as it stood this past weekend. Take a look and comment in the video what was your favorite memory of the Stardust Nightclub.

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