Sunset On The Wildwood Boardwalk Via Drone 2022

This week is drone week at the Wildwood Video Archive. Throughout the week we are uploading different videos showcasing the Wildwoods from a bird’s point of view.

We call our drone the Gull-drone (or if you have a better name let us know).

For this video, we were sitting in North Wildwood and noticed that the skies were perfect with no clouds to be seen. This indicated that we were going to have the perfect sunset.

A quick bike ride to the boardwalk landed us at 23rd and the beach.

We also find that a Wildwood Boardwalk sunset needs to have Morey’s Surfside Pier in the video. Nothing is more breathtaking than seeing the rides light up at the golden hour.

In this video, we showcase a few different parts of the boardwalk with the sunset in the background.

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