The Cove Mockup Photos! – NEW Bar

For the past few weeks, we have been giving you some insider information on a new restaurant and bar coming to the Wildwoods.

This new bar is question is The Cove!

The Cove is taking over The Deck at Holly Beach, location at 3401 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood.

Back in December, we announced that a change was coming to this location when an application to the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Issuing Authority of the City of Wildwood showed us that there was a Person-to-Person transfer of the Plenary Retail Consumption License from OAK AVENUE, LLC to Cove, Craft, Cocktails & Cuisine LLC.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and we were able to confirm this when a new Facebook page appeared for “The Cove Wildwood.” (Be sure to give their page a follow and a Like).

Many people were wondering what would the new bar look like. Are they changing the layout, a new outside design or will the building be kept the same?

Today we got our answer.

That Facebook page showed us a mockup of what The Cove will look like.

It includes a full renovation of the exterior of the building.

The outside will have a color scheme of black and white and feature a massive sign with a wooden backdrop.

Check out the design below.

The Cove Mockup Photos! - NEW Bar

The Cove Mockup Photos! – NEW Bar

Let us know what you think. We think it looks great and it will give the building a much-needed touchup.

We want to wish the owners of The Cove the best of luck! We will be sure to keep this property on our monthly Wildwood Construction video update

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