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The Mother of All Beach Carts – E-Beach Wagon!

The Mother of All Beach Carts – E-Beach Wagon!

If you’re like me, you tired of this cold Sping and are just dreaming and are planning for your Jersey Shore vacation.

Well, there is a new beach product I stumbled upon that I think is very cool and I want to share it with you.

This is the E-Beach Wagon.

The Mother of All Beach Carts - E-Beach Wagon!

The Mother of All Beach Carts – E-Beach Wagon!

Going to the beach daily down the shore, I’ve noticed many families have been expanding their beach accessories which means there is a ton more to carry.

This is one of the reasons why so many people have opted into purchasing a golf cart. It allows someone to bring their beach gear back and forth from their house without getting sand in their car.

I personally find the golf-cart situation in the Wildwoods quite frustrating because it only solved half of the problem.

Sure, you won’t have sand in your car but now you need to either look for parking, which is nearly impossible during the summer or park back at the house and walk to the beach.

This is where I stumbled upon the E-Beach Wagon. It is an electric beach cart that can carry up to 300 pounds and go 5 miles on one charge.

You no longer need to drive around and look for parking. Instead, you just bring the cart right onto the beach and park it right in your beach spot.

The husband and wife company behind the E-Beach Wagon gave me the keys for a day to test it out.

We filmed a full sponsored video that you can check out at the bottom of this article.

The E-Beach Wagon is turned on with a key, two included, This allows the wagon to only move when you’re ready.

It is controlled by a thumb throttle located on the handgrip. The throttle has three settings, forward, backward, and neutral. Neutral allows for manual pulling if wanted.

Just next to the Voltmeter on the control panel are 2 USB charging ports which allow you to charge two different devices.

What makes the E-beach wagon so versatile, are the Powder-coated aluminum railings which can be removed.

Once removed, the 8 holes are designed so that you can place your flag poles, fishing rods, and umbrella inside.

Once you back from the beach, you are able to remove the plastic wagon bed to clean and detach the handlebar for easy storage and transportation.

Overall the E-Beach Wagon, I think this is the coolest beach accessory you need for a carefree day at the beach. Whether you’re going fishing or planning a fun-filled day at the beach this wagon is for you.

Jump on E-Beach Wagon’s website if you are interested in purchasing or renting the wagon on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in purchasing one, you can click HERE or use the coupon code, “JOEY” for 5% off!

Thank you again to E-Beach Wagon for sponsoring this video and post.

Check out the video below.