The Singapore Motel Loses It’s Roof

Construction at the now former Singapore Motel is in high gear. For the past few months now we have been giving you weekly updates on what’s going on with the building.

If you want to check out our previous update which includes drone video click the link below.

Singapore Motel Under MAJOR Construction (Video Update)

As I did my weekly drive I noticed that the Singapore Motel’s iconic East Asian hip-and-gable roof, was removed. This is the roof that held the red Singapore sign and had a Imperial roof spire.

On top of this most of the motel has been gutted to the point where the motel is unrecognizable.

One thing to point out. The structural damage to this building was so bad that back in 2019 they were unable to open. In order to fix this damage the builders were required to tear down the bones of the building. From here they will make the building sound and start building her back up.

At this time there are no blue prints on what the finished building will look at. A call to the city showed that they only applied for a demo permit. The demo permit only called for the removal of everything but the bones pretty much.

Below is a photo of what is left of the Singapore Motel.

The Singapore Motel Loses It’s Roof

The Singapore Motel Loses It’s Roof

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