The Wildwood Birthday Brigade

The Wildwood Birthday Brigade

The Wildwood Birthday Brigade

One thing for sure you can say about the Wildwoods is that even in times of trouble they are always there for each other. I had just witnessed something today that I wanted to share with you because it made me smile!

Obviously you know that via the Governor of New Jersey we are required to shelter in place. This means no parties, no sports matches and no visiting friends and family. For some thing is a hard thing to do especially when it’s your Birthday and you have to be stuck in your house.

It just so happens that today, someone named Sarah, is celebrating her birthday. Her friends and family wanted to do something special for her but knew that they couldn’t go see her.

Last night they decided to make BIG signs and plan a Birthday parade down her street.

Around 4PM today roughly 20 cars made their way down 22nd street in North Wildwood honking their horns like crazy. There they were, the Wildwood Birthday Brigade, driving down 22nd street with their signs. (see the video at the bottom)

It’s things like this that makes me proud to be apart of the community.

Stay strong everyone and please be safe!