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The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop – A MUST Have Book

The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop – A MUST Have Book

I normally don’t advertise books on my page but there is a brand new graphic novel that is being released and it’s all about the Wildwoods.

If you love Wildwood’s Doo-Wop Architecture then this book is for you. This is “The Wildwood Days of Doo-Wop”

This novel is written by Micheal Jah-Soar-Ka and Wildwood Crest historian Kirk Hastings, this book covers the year by year history of Mid-century Doo-Wop architecture in great detail.

This book brings back to life 160 motels/clubs and neon signs in the Wildwoods in ways you haven’t seen it before.

Imagine a Wildwood history book filled with recreations of some of the lost motels and events that took place down here.

Along with a brief history they went on to tell us some interesting facts about it such as.

Did you know that the Morey’s would live at some of the motels they built while also managing them?

Talking about the Morey’s this book also highlights the builders and architects who made these motels and signs such as the Morey Brothers, the Buckingham Brothers, and our friends at ABS sign co.

I really don’t want to give away too many secrets of the book but let me give you a little behind the scenes facts for you.

When creating this novel they wanted to make sure that every detail was correct. The graphic novel took three and a half years to create and referenced over 1,000 images from postcards to personal family pictures.

If you’re looking to purchase one I have good news for you. There are 4 book signings that will take place down here over the coming week.

Two of them are at the Doo-Wop Experience Museum

  • Thursday August 12 from 7pm-9pm

  • Saturday August 14th from 12pm-2pm

  • Sunday August 15th at the George F Boyer Museum from 12pm-5pm

  • And the last one is on Monday August 16th at Cool Scoops from 7pm-9pm

The book cost $25 and is totally worth it.

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So be sure to pick up your copy of the Wildwood Days of Summer! I promise this is a ‘gotta have’ book.

We go into more detail about this new book in our video below.