The Wildwood Pizza Tour was held on Friday, August 7th starting at the southern part of the baordwalk (Towards the Wildwood Convention Center) and made their way north (towards 16th street). They reviewed over 23 pizza places and took over 3.5 hours to review all of them. The reviewers for this year were Chris, Brian, Mike, Frank and Tim. (No last names for their safety as we do not want people to track them down if they do not like the results).

Here are the results taken from the official Wildwood Pizza Tour Site


The Best Wildwood Slice 2015

1. Franconi’s Pizza – Avg: 4.3

2: Olympic Flame Pizza – 3.9
3: Joe’s Pizzeria – 3.3
4: Mack’s Pizza – 3.1
5: Jumbo’s Pizza – 3.1

Best Bang for Your Buck

Best Mix of: Taste + Value + Size

1. Franconi’s Pizza – Value Rating (P3R) = 96.75

2: Sam’s Pizza Palace – P3R: 53.57
3: Joe’s Pizzeria – P3R: 52.09
4: Alex’s Pizzeria – P3R: 47.60
5: Little Nicky’s Pizza – P3R: 47.25


Largest Wildwood Slice

1. Joe’s Pizzeria – 55.25 sq. inches

2: Jumbo’s – 51.75 sq. inches
3: Franconi’s Pizza – 45.0 sq. inches
4: La Cava’s- 44.63 sq. inches
5: Fisher’s – 42.0 sq. inches


Most Improved Slice (from 2013 to 2014)

1. Jumbo’s – improved 1.6 points – final score 3.1

2: Original Hot Spot: Improved 0.9
3: Angelo’s Pizza – Improved 0.7
4: Franconi’s Pizza – Improved 0.6
5: Fisher’s – Improved 0.6


Here’s a video from the 2015 Wildwood Pizza Tour. Maybe you saw them as you were down on Friday August 9th!

For more information on any Wildwood Pizza Tour regardless of it being this year or years previous, check out their website at

[NOTE FROM EDITOR] The Wildwood boardwalk or The Wildwood Video Archive do not have any affiliation with the Wildwood Pizza Tour. I am stating this due to people thinking that we are forcing them to eat pizza at one certain place. All the pizza in Wildwood is amazing and you should give them all a try. This event was held as a fun competition.  If you would like to take a look at the Wildwood Pizza Tour Interview check it out here.